a newly married couple

Being an army wife is quite different from any other. It gives numerous beginnings and a myriad ends. This story is about beginning of a new chapter.

When I got married two and a half years ago, little did I know what my life would bring me as an army wife. It started with a 10 month separation immediately after marriage. The months seemed like years. In the new house, the only person I knew the most, i.e., my husband, was miles away from me.

An Indian marriage means a new home, new people around, new habits and a complete…

The new Edition of the ‘Kotak Wealth Hurun-Leading Wealthy Women’ spells out the list of wealthiest women in India, 2020. It was focused on women who play an active role in their family business, are entrepreneurs and professionals.

It’s delightful to see that women who have earned success and wealth, are recognized and shown as role models for budding and aspiring entrepreneurs. More women are showing audacious attempts to take big risks and head with a stubborn mind on an ambitious path to success.

The list of the wealthiest women in India is based on their net worth as on…

Photo by Samrat Khadka on Unsplash

There are few rules of marriage that need serious revisions. This is the story of every girl who has been married for not more than 2 years and is still contemplating “what’s this really?”

I know this because this at some point of time this, I was contemplating this too!

It happens at almost every Indian household. The first two years of marriage are a kind of probation period where we as women, learn few very important things in life:

  • You are not the master of your own time anymore.
  • Now you are responsible for looking after the whole new…

Advocate Meenu Padha, also a womens’ and child rights activist, talks about the basic rights that every woman should know. She says that there would be more gender equality and better protection for women if they are aware about their rights.

statue of a lady with a blindfold hoding a balance, signifying law and justice
statue of a lady with a blindfold hoding a balance, signifying law and justice
Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

A lawyer and An activist

Hi, I am advocate Meenu Padha.

I am the President of (Jammu and Kashmir) National Child and Women Development Council, India. Besides that, I am an ambassador of an International Child Abuse Prevention Program and a Global Goodwill Ambassador (India). In addition to this, I am also an Honorary Member of National Human Rights and Humanitarian Federation (NHRF) India.

Where going to office is a charm for new graduates, it is a hustle for many others. But things are taking a new course now. The pandemic has given way to teleworking and it has changed many lives. Here we see the ways in which work from home can mean a blessing for women around the world.

The pandemic has created a life of its own. Almost everyone is experiencing life in a new avatar. It also transitioned the lives of those persons who exist only in legality and not in reality- the Companies.

Travel restrictions has disallowed employees from…

A BBC news in 2011 described loneliness as a ‘hidden killer’. It adversely affects the immune and cardiovascular system. According to an article in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry, in India, apart from increasing population of the elderly, or changing living situations like living alone or living with relations and non-relations, are the main demographic breeders of loneliness.

Story of a loner

Swara, a very simple and docile lady in her late 50s, ditching the age with her younger looking skin and incredibly long, black hair. She lives with her son and daughter-in-law. Her eyes speak volumes of years of ordeals- from enduring harassment…

She sees the world like a canvas filled with myriad colours that paint one’s life as one walks and imbibes inspiration from life. She is an Expressive Art Therapist and NLP practitioner who practices healing through understanding of one’s mind-body-soul.

Dr. Shraddha is the also founder of Triyati-TheBetterMe. Triyati helps people with mental wellness through self-empowerment that enhances and maximises resilience towards various events in one’s life.

In august this year, an aspiring French novelist wrote a 96-page book titled “ oi les hommes, je les déteste” which translates into I hate men.

Pauline Harmange, had not expected that her book would be that widely read.But she could thank the advisor to the French Ministry of Equality who spoke about it calling for a legal action for being an incitement to hatred.

While a love for equality for all is deemed feminism, what Pauline practices here is a pure misandry. She inks statistics like 96% domestic violence convicts were men, and 99% of sexual convicts were also…

Though it is not an exception to see a woman win one of the world’s most prestigious awards -the Nobel Prize; however, things were a little unprecedented this year. It is the first time that a woman-only team has won a Nobel in the science discipline.

Emmanuelle Charpentier of France and Jennifer Doudna of the U.S. have made history today. They have been contributing to the field of science for a very long time but today they have inadvertently contributed to the idea that women can do wonders and become mistresses of their own fortunes if given equal opportunities.

Nobel Prize and Women


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